[2.3] lowmark

Bettina Fink laura at hydrophil.de
Sat Sep 2 17:30:58 UTC 2000

Katsuhiro Kondou <kondou at nec.co.jp> wrote:

> } But the active has an incorrect lowmark and overview data for
> } the two cancelled articles is still around.
> Maybe entreis for those articles are still left in history due
> to /remember/.  This should be fixed so that token exists in
> the entry.  I'll try.

history ... that was something I was wondering about. On my
older INNs cancelled, superseded or expired articles get a
"/dev/null" entry in history for the "/remember/" period.

The two cancelled articles on the 2.3 machine have "normal"
history entries:

$ grephistory '<NsIr5.26419$pA4.402781 at telenews.teleline.es>'

$ sm -i '@04000039AF57000900000000000000000000@'
Could not get art info @04000039AF57000900000000000000000000@

$ grephistory '<01090004.2800 at secret.com>'

$ sm -i '@04000039AF67000600000000000000000000@'
Could not get art info @04000039AF67000600000000000000000000@

Is this correct behavior?

Let me know when there is something to test.

> } AIIIH! Where is this "1584" coming from?
> That's in newsgroup database which includes hi/lo/flag for
> the group.  I suspect there once was 1584 when database was
> created.  That should be fixed together with above.

The problem with the mysterious returning "1584" is on a trad
spool 2.2.3 with "traditional" overview, not on a 2.3.x, see 
my last mail for details ... And I thought Russ and you are not
making any updates/snapshots for the 2.2.x series anymore (alas!).


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