readers.conf, ckpasswd on obsd

Felix Kronlage felix at
Sun Sep 3 13:14:05 UTC 2000

Somehow I have some problems with authenticating
users via readers.conf and ckpasswd.

Do I understand it correct that ckpasswd uses
the system-passwd file to authenticate the users?

I've already set ckpasswd +s (read a few days ago on this
list), trying out authenticating (telneting to the nnrpd)
I always get "auth_err ckpasswd: user fkr password doesn't 

|auth "passwords" {
|       hosts:  "*"
|       key:    "pwd"
|       auth:   "ckpasswd"
|       }

This is what I use....I've tried "ckpasswd -s", but...

|auth_err ckpasswd: illegal option -- s

I run current from 15th of August.
Any hints at all?

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