Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at epix.net
Wed Sep 6 03:41:17 UTC 2000

> Despite the configs, and specifying --enable-tagged-hash,
> I notice now that the system actually compiled WITHOUT tagged
> hash!!!!  I now this from looking at the history.dir file, which
> is a NON-tagged hash form, and also looking at the strings
> output of the relevant binaries.

Could not reproduce the problem above, since it compiled as
specified this time.

Looking at file time stamps, it appears that the config.h is later
than the .o, which means a Makefile dependency problem.  
I think the dbz.c dependencies in lib/Makefile need some touch up.
Russ, or Katsuhiro, can you fix?

I'm happy to see Russ doing dependency cleanup.  (Dependencies
have been broken since before 1.7.) So for INN, my advice is always to
"rm config.cache" and "make clean" before running configure and make. 
(And it looks like I didn't take my own advice back on 6/27 when I did the
build on that machine.)


Thank you, Richard, for the makedbz pointer.  

Since the machine has been running suprisingly well without 
tagged-hash, I'll think I won't risk the change, and just go with
non-tagged hash, knowing I can convert it in the future.


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