Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Wed Sep 6 04:00:29 UTC 2000

Forrest J Cavalier <mibsoft at epix.net> writes:

> Looking at file time stamps, it appears that the config.h is later than
> the .o, which means a Makefile dependency problem.  I think the dbz.c
> dependencies in lib/Makefile need some touch up.  Russ, or Katsuhiro,
> can you fix?

Hm.  This *should* be okay....  Oh!  Right, I know what's wrong.

dbz included all of its header files using <> regardless of whether they
were local to the tree or system headers, which confuses gcc -MM, which is
what I was using to generate dependencies.  This is already fixed in the
current tree; I'll go back and change stable.

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