Hrrmmm shouldn't those lines be...

Rick Irving rirving at
Thu Sep 7 21:46:13 UTC 2000

Also, since I am getting nit picky,

do you really trust the following Macros uses:

commands.c, line 670:
       grouplist = RENEW(grouplist, GROUPDATA, listsize);
perm.c, line 1526:
       auth_realms = RENEW(auth_realms, AUTHGROUP*, i+2);
perm.c, line 1542: 
       access_realms = RENEW(access_realms, ACCESSGROUP*, i+2);

 shouldn't these be simply:

< grouplist = RENEW(grouplist, GROUPDATA, listsize);
> RENEW(grouplist, GROUPDATA, listsize);


   Is there a reason for the redundancy ?

   Just asking ?

 Some older Unixes may not give the answer expected, it is a stack
based thing.....

 Again, listening.............

  (I'll find this memory leak yet.....   ;)

Rick Irving wrote:
> Hrrmmm.. I am nit picky.
> They should devolve to the same thing,
> but, in some cases it can be "not defined".... .

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