Hrrmmm shouldn't those lines be...

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Thu Sep 7 21:59:33 UTC 2000

>Also, since I am getting nit picky,
>do you really trust the following Macros uses:
>commands.c, line 670:
>       grouplist = RENEW(grouplist, GROUPDATA, listsize);
>perm.c, line 1526:
>       auth_realms = RENEW(auth_realms, AUTHGROUP*, i+2);
>perm.c, line 1542: 
>       access_realms = RENEW(access_realms, ACCESSGROUP*, i+2);
> shouldn't these be simply:
>< grouplist = RENEW(grouplist, GROUPDATA, listsize);
>> RENEW(grouplist, GROUPDATA, listsize);
>   Is there a reason for the redundancy ?

Because RENEW might have to move the data to make room, so it
must return the pointer to where the data is, in case it moved.

Check your man page for realloc (which is what is behind the
RENEW macro).

>  (I'll find this memory leak yet.....   ;)

Ah, you're trying to hunt down a memory leak... which part
is leaking?  (i.e., innd, nnrpd, or innfeed?  or all of them?)


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