Expired articles remain in spool

Dennis Khaw Dennis.Khaw at ds1.uwinnipeg.ca
Fri Sep 8 14:40:09 UTC 2000


I have installed inn-2.2.3 on a Sparc running Solaris 8. I am using the =
traditional storage method and have only 16 Gb of disk space for the =
spool. My expire.ctl file looks like this:

=AF--------------------------- expire.ctl =AF-------------------------
=AF--------------------------- expire.ctl =AF-------------------------

All seems well. When I connect usin a nnrp reader, the articles are =
expired accordingly. However, I realize that my tiny news spool is =
starting to get very full. I then checked the news spool directories and =
was surprised to find the expired articles still in there. For example, I =
can only see 1 day of articles in the alt newsgroups using a nnrp client =
but there physically exists articles in the spool directory dated back to =
Aug 31 when the server was first installed.  What have I done wrong? =
Shouldn't the articles get removed?

Here is a copy of the expire.log generated from news.daily.
expire begin Fri Sep  8 03:02:43 CDT 2000: (-v1 -z/usr/local/news/log/expir=
e.rm -Z/usr/local/news/log/expire.lowmark)
    Group not matched (removed?) fj.life.money -- Using default expiration
    Article lines processed   568544
    Articles retained         343967
    Entries expired           224577
    Files unlinked            287535
    Old entries dropped            0
    Old entries retained     1331073
expire end Fri Sep  8 03:06:30 CDT 2000
	all done Fri Sep  8 03:06:30 CDT 2000
lowmarkrenumber begin Fri Sep  8 03:06:30 CDT 2000: (/usr/local/news/log/ex=
lowmarkrenumber end Fri Sep  8 03:06:31 CDT 2000
	expireover start Fri Sep  8 03:06:44 CDT 2000
	expireover end Fri Sep  8 03:31:48 CDT 2000
	expirerm start Fri Sep  8 03:31:48 CDT 2000
	expirerm end Fri Sep  8 04:05:34 CDT 2000

Any help or advice appreciated. SORRY for the long posting



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