Hrrmmm shouldn't those lines be...

Richard Irving rirving at
Sat Sep 9 02:37:26 UTC 2000

"Forrest J. Cavalier III" wrote:
> Richard, INN needs people who care as much about
> exact coding as much as you care, but BACK OFF, MAN!

  Hrrmm.. I think you may have taken that last post wrong.

> You are rubbing people the wrong way, and this last
> message you crossed over the line and is not
> respectable, polite exchange.
  It -was- polite. In the field the "busy" comment
is an old industry slang, with a good natured humor,
that means we have better things to do than debate...
such as finding a memory leak.

 I take it you didn't learn that expression, when you
worked in the field ?

> >    Judging from the Volume of detail on the remainder of that
> > post, you must not be very -busy-, huh ?
> This isn't a newsgroup, we don't flame here.  Your
> message was a troll, and we don't do that here either.

 See above.

 It was good natured rhetoric, no response was actually expected.

  Didn't you see the ":)" ?

> And especially don't troll Russ, please.  He doesn't
> have time.  We want him to work on INN and when he
> feels good about doing it, he is soo much more more
> motivated and productive.  He is EXTREMELY BUSY.

  I know, we -both- are, we need to find a memory leak.


> -------------------------------------------------------
> Forrest

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