Hrrmmm shouldn't those lines be...

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Sat Sep 9 02:06:39 UTC 2000

I am not a language lawyer.

I do care about INN.

Richard, INN needs people who care as much about
exact coding as much as you care, but BACK OFF, MAN!

You are rubbing people the wrong way, and this last
message you crossed over the line and is not
respectable, polite exchange.  

I will agree with you, de-linting programs often helps
debug poorly written and poorly thought programs.

But INN isn't average software.  It is generally
crafted by waaay above average coders who are clever
enough to insert defects that lint will never catch.  :)

Few here expect the hours you spend delinting to
help you track down a memory leak.  If you think that
will help, go to it.  But we are not unprofessional
for leaving it untouched.  We are being pragmatic.

In some circles, professionals come in and work with
what is there, fixing it in the least amount of
overhaul, rather than complaining "I would never have
written code like this, this is awful."

In fact, true professionals don't complain or whine.  Period.
So show your colors.

>    Judging from the Volume of detail on the remainder of that
> post, you must not be very -busy-, huh ?  

This isn't a newsgroup, we don't flame here.  Your
message was a troll, and we don't do that here either.

And especially don't troll Russ, please.  He doesn't
have time.  We want him to work on INN and when he
feels good about doing it, he is soo much more more
motivated and productive.  He is EXTREMELY BUSY.



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