inn 2.3.0 vs cnfs and tradspool

Sergey Akifiev sergey at
Tue Sep 12 04:18:40 UTC 2000

Hi, уважаемый(ая,ое)  Katsuhiro. Как твое ничего?

Tuesday, September 12, 2000, 11:11:57 AM, you wrote:

KK> In article <2157568828.20000911112706 at>,
KK>         Sergey Akifiev <sergey at> wrote;

} KK>> When storage.conf is modified, innd needs to be restarted.
} KK>> Did you do it?
KK> } 
KK> } sure i did.

KK> Then, it should work.  Does that storage.conf really
KK> exist under pathetc in inn.conf?

yes, it does. thanks for help, but i've allready solve this prob
(thanks to Dmitry Antipov).
The catch is, that '!' (bang) signs aren't permitted in 'newsgroups:'
field of storage.conf's records.

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