Virtual Domains

Michael michaeln at
Wed Sep 13 17:41:58 UTC 2000

Hello, I run INN 2.3 on a number of servers for personal discussion as
opposed to USENet feeds.  What I ultimately want to do is this:

 - I have about 15 domains that would like to have their own newsgroups
 - I would like the newsgroups of other domains to be transparent

What is the best way to do this?  Would you recommend a global
username/password for each domain?  What other options do I have?  As much
as possible, I'd like users of those newsgroups to get the feeling that they
are using a news server solely for that domain.

The answer doesn't need to be that indepth unless you feel that it's a setup
that isn't outlined well in the man pages.  I look forward to your ideas!


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