CNFS + FreeBSD + cnfsstat "read:file too large"

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Fri Sep 15 15:32:36 UTC 2000

>>May have something to do with cnfsstat trying to find the most recent
>>message.  You can read a >2GB file fine with code that isn't large-file
>>aware unless you try to read beyond the 2GB point.
>I believe you are correct.  I ran cfnsstat last night when it was at position 1.6 GB at it worked fine.  Later I was unable to do a cnfsstat - read error again.  I believe it was in the post 2GB position, though this was hardly a scientific process.  Today I am able to run cnfsstat again because the cycbuff has clearly cycled.
>The "Anonymous Meower" mentioned building Perl with 'largefile support' which is something I will look into doing.  

FYI, I have perl (5.00503) built with largefile-support, and I still have that problem, too.


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