INN 2.3x and hardware

Bettina Fink laura at
Thu Sep 21 19:22:03 UTC 2000


after playing around with INN 2.3x on a test Linux box for some 
months, it's now time to get serious. :-)

Our old machine (_very_ stable and reliable) is a SUN (Solaris
2.5.1) running a heavily patched INN 1.5.1 with "trad spool" on
a NetApp. Everything else is on local disks (Splitted: overviews,
logs, history and the rest).

The new machine is also a SUN, but will run Solaris 8. Our plans
are using timecaf and ovdb (tradindexed as fallback alternative).
The big question is: We want to use NetApp again, primary for the
spool, but the more we can put on the NetApp (overviews, logs,
history, active etc.) the better. But we have no further experience
if this will work properly with INN 2.3x (mmap usage, locking etc.).

We will set up a test environment the next weeks, but it would
be nice to hear if someone already has experience in using INN
2.3x on NetApp (with positive or negative results).

If this will not work: What are others using as hardware solutions?
We have EMC²s too, but they are a *bit* too expensive for news,
that's only if nothing else works satisfying enough.

Anyone willing to share his experience with Solaris 8, INN 2.3x
and/or NetApp?


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