INN 2.3x and hardware

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Thu Sep 21 19:34:26 UTC 2000

>The new machine is also a SUN, but will run Solaris 8. Our plans
>are using timecaf and ovdb (tradindexed as fallback alternative).
>The big question is: We want to use NetApp again, primary for the
>spool, but the more we can put on the NetApp (overviews, logs,
>history, active etc.) the better. But we have no further experience
>if this will work properly with INN 2.3x (mmap usage, locking etc.).
>We will set up a test environment the next weeks, but it would
>be nice to hear if someone already has experience in using INN
>2.3x on NetApp (with positive or negative results).

I assume this NetApp is an NFS-server of some kind?  Read this
page before trying to use ovdb on an NFS mount:


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