INN 2.3x and hardware

Bettina Fink laura at
Fri Sep 22 13:20:47 UTC 2000

Mathieu Arnold <mat at> wrote:

>> We are big fans of NFS storage solutions (NetApp, EMC²), but if
>> this will not work: What are others using? Two people suggested
>> Compaq storage solutions, anything else?
> I do not see the point of using reliable storage for the spool.
> spool can always be recovered by asking one or more feeder to
> refed it's whole spool.

But that's always trouble for the users (seeing articles twice,
losing thread beginnings, downtimes etc.). And our current trad
spool on NetApp has also a very good performance. But what to
use as hardware is a question of philosophy (and money) ... ;-)


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