buffindexed question

Daniele Orlandi daniele at orlandi.com
Fri Sep 22 23:05:09 UTC 2000

Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:
> I once saw this on my server in production.  This happens
> to newsgroups which have large number of articles like
> control.cancel.  To avoid this, the size of buffer(storage
> method of my server is only cnfs) needs to be quite small.
> It's 40MB for my case.

Following your suggestion, I created a cycbuff just for control.cancel,
but I still see 1.500.000 articles from overview. If I try to list the
articles in the newsgroup nnrpd grows and I need to kill it.

This cnfsstat looks weird:

[root at news /root]# /opt/inn/bin/cnfsstat -a -c CANCEL
Class CANCEL for groups matching ""
  (Missing <YMqo5.436$Xr4.1639 at telenews.adm.adm>)
 Buffer CANC00, size:  48.8 MBytes, position:  14.6 MBytes  0.30 cycles
  Newest: 2000-09-22 22:20:23,    0 days,  2:39:25 ago
  Oldest: 2000-08-22 11:36:47,   31 days, 13:23:01 ago

My history is 880MB, probably full of cancels, 30+ days old that never
go away.



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