buffindexed question

Jon Mansey jon at interpacket.net
Sat Sep 23 15:20:29 UTC 2000

Interestingly, the history part of the daily expire only takes 10 
minutes or so. It is the overview that takes hours.

Thanks for those tips though, I will rebuild my history. And maybe 
the overview at the same time if ppl suggest that is a good idea?

Now, how and when to do that? I run a spool of nearly a TB, so it 
will take a while I guess and performance will suck during it? Will 
all my readers' overviews get broken? Should I shut inn down during 
the rebuild? Trouble is I have a global audience so there really isnt 
a down time to do this, sucks.

Also what is the magic command to rebuild it. I assume something like

rm history*
makedbz ???

TIA as usual,


At 1:24 PM -0700 9/22/00, Kevin McKinnon wrote:
>  > Right now I am running news.daily with expireover and it seems to be
>>  choking the server for about 2 hours every night. I see a
>>  correspondence in dropped articles during that time. Any tips on how
>>  to avoid this?
>Hi Jon,
>When was the last time you rebuilt your history file from scratch?
>On my server, we were dropping from an average of ~15Mbps incoming
>down below 5 during expiry (between 1-2 hours).  I shut the server
>down, nuked the history files, rebuilt them from scratch, and have
>had much better overnight performance since (last night we dropped to
>12Mbps during news.daily)  I have a 150GB spool, and right now
>history is running about 525MB.
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