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Brian Kraft bhkraft at
Sat Sep 23 18:12:55 UTC 2000

Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

>Brian Kraft <bhkraft at> wrote;
>} Does setting values for it in  post.c  and  inews.c  only affect the
>} local Unix newsreaders?

What about checking newsreader clients?  Why is the 40 line minimum
hardcoded in 1.7.2 and not hardcoded in 2.2.x?  Why the change? 

Shouldn't INN quote-checking for clients conform more or less to what
"Son of RFC 1036 4.3.2. Body Conventions" says about posting agents?

|	NOTE: At the very least, if a minimum-unquoted quota is being set,
|	article bodies shorter than (say) 20 lines, or perhaps articles which
|	exceed the quota by only a few lines, should be exempt. This avoids
|	the ridiculous situation of complaining about a 5-line response to a
|	6-line quote.

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