Problems using uucp/rnews in 2.3.0

Mark Hittinger msh at FreeBSD.ORG
Sun Sep 24 19:45:56 UTC 2000

> The Newsfeed is a compressed (gzip) uucp feed.
> After installing the inn 2.3.0, ran into problems with the "nnrpd",
> which says, that the 'ihave' command is not longer understood.
> Reading the manual of nnrpd I found, that the the 'ihave' command
> is not supported/implemented.
> Using the source I found, that the 'rnews.c' does use the 'ihave'
> protcoll to submit incoming news articles.

Sounds like you need to enable the IP that will be running rnews in
your incoming.conf as a news feeder rather than a news reader.  INN
will hand the connection off to nnrpd if it doesn't recognize it as
a feeder.  rnews can use IHAVE if it talks to INN as a feeder.

Good luck!

Mark Hittinger
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msh at

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