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Tue Sep 26 17:07:56 UTC 2000

In article <39BFAE19.31723.117DAEE at localhost> you write:

| Can we clarify exactly what you are trying to accomplish here?  
| (Using my domains in example...)
| It's very easy to do if you want all customers coming in from 
| addresses to get one set of groups, and another 
| group of customers coming in from to get another set 
| of groups.
| If, on the other hand, you want to operate it so that an individual 
| customer gets one set of groups if they connect to 
| '' and a different set of groups (same 
| customer, same IP address/hostname) if they connect to 
| '' then things get more complicated.

  Only slightly, I would think. Can't you just use a resolver which
looks at the incoming IP and returns a name which is then used in the
access stanza to set newsgroups? Wasn't there some discussion of letting
the auth or resolver programs return a newsgroups list?

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