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Kevin McKinnon kevin at
Thu Sep 14 23:19:20 UTC 2000

> I have two domains (actually much more, but using yours...)
> I want users who use and to see
> an entirely different list of servers.  Ideally, these would be public
> servers that you'd just connect to.  If that can't be done, what is the best
> way to implement this?  Here is what I've seen:
>  - Give each domain their own login (login: domain, password: news! etc.)
>  - By login, specify what newsgroups they see
> Is this the best that I can do?  The server has 7 IP addresses bound to it,
> but I have much more than 7 domains which would like news services.  Here's
> my background:  I offer a free webhosting/email service as a hobby.  All of
> the organizations must be non-profit and must get no more than 30,000 hits
> per day.  It's a pretty diverse group so I don't want any groups from
> certain domains to get mixed in with the site that I run for the
> Presbyterian Church.  ;-)

Hi Michael,

Well, since you've got multiple IP addresses bound to the server, 
here's one possibility:

nnrpd can be run in daemon mode, and you can specify which IP address 
it binds to.  (So far, so good.  Separate nnrpd's for each domain.)
*However*, you'd need to patch nnrpd to be able to specify alternate 
config files, since nnrpd looks to pathetc/readers.conf and you'll 
need separate configs for each copy of nnrpd running on these 
separate IPs.

Someone else on the list may have already invented such a patch.  
I've certainly seen people asking how to do this several times over 
the last couple of years.

Otherwise, the first solution of having username/password 
authentication for each virtual server remains a workable option.

Sorry I can't give you a complete working solution -- the patch I 
described is a little beyond *my* C programming abilities!

Hope this helps!
Best regards,

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