Problem Mailpost

Jürgen Sauer jojo at
Tue Sep 26 20:21:58 UTC 2000

I have this little Problem:

I setup procmail for my personal assistance, esp. I want to sort my
incoming mail into approbiate folders, so also my subscribed eMaillists.

I did it this way:

-- .procmailrc -----------x----------------------x---------------------

:0 h:
* ^Subject: *test*
|/bin/mailpost -d local automatix.test


And this was the reaction:
-- maillog ---------------x----------------------x---------------------
From=20jojo at Tue Sep 26 21:34:26 2000
 Subject: test
  Folder: /var/spool/mail/jojo=09=09=09=09=09=09    365
procmail: Couldn't determine implicit lockfile from "/bin/mailpost"
ndbm store returned -1, errno 13, key "E13e0Wt-0003Sk-00 at" at=
 /bin/mailpost line 355, <STDIN> chunk 10.

Does anybody know, where the problem is ?
How can I fix the problem ?

Thanks a lot ...


J=FCrgen Sauer - AutomatiX GmbH, +49-4209-4699, jojo at

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