more with CNFS

Jason Chodakowski inn at
Wed Sep 27 02:18:32 UTC 2000

so I solved (with help, thank you) the mystery of the following error I was
getting and fixed my cycbuff.conf file acordingly:

Sep 26 22:04:23 home innd: CNFS-sm: Mismatch: read 0x73f78000 length for
cycbuff /var/spool/news/cycbuff/rrz3h

Now, I wanted to rename the block/special file to something else [to more
closely match the actual partition], which yielded the following error:

CNFS-sm: Path mismatch: read /var/spool/news/cycbuff/rrz3h for cycbuff

I can only find one reference to the correct file name, that being
cycbuff.conf - am I missing something here.

If I leave the cycbuff.conf and special file alone, when I start, I get this

Sep 26 22:08:11 home innd: CNFS-sm: CNFSinitdisks: mmap for
/var/spool/news/cycbuff/rrz3h offset 0 len 491520 failed: No such device

Now this is simply not true, the device does exist and the special file has
the correct major and minor numbers. According to the documentation in
Digital UNIX I should be able to do this... mmap to a block device is
supported. Has anyone running innd under Digital UNIX had any similar

Any help is most appreciated.

J --

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