My TAGGED_HASH lookups always fail

Kevin Kadow inn at
Wed Sep 27 05:01:48 UTC 2000

Running INN 2.3.0 on OpenBSD 2.5 Sparc, this is a new installation on a machine
with limited memory, so I've compiled with --enable-tagged-hash.

The hash doesn't seem to work. Running 'makedbz' creates the appropriate
files with .dir and .pag extensions, the history lines appear to be in the
correct format, but for groups that I have more than one incoming feed, I
get two copies of articles. It's as if the history check never succeeds?

Here's what confuses me. I can read news from my server and find a post
the server received from two of my upstreams, for example, this article:
Message-ID: <slrn8svpnb.29n.niels at>

I _know_ there are two copies sitting in my spool, but this is what happens
when I check history for the article from the command line:

news% grephistory slrn8svpnb.29n.niels at
Not found.
news% grephistory -h slrn8svpnb.29n.niels at
news% grephistory '[8F38585CAECACA244711E8EEAD945852]'
Not found.
news% grep '8F38585CAECACA244711E8EEAD945852' /news/db/history
[8F38585CAECACA244711E8EEAD945852]      969926676~-~969926379   @0302554E494D000
[8F38585CAECACA244711E8EEAD945852]      969926676~-~969926379   @0302554E494D000

So even my history file reflects that I have two copies of the message. I'd 
like to stick with TAGGED_HASH to conserve memory, has anybody encountered
this problem? I haven't run an INN server in several years, so perhaps I am
missing something basic?

Kevin Kadow
inn at

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