Upgrade 2.2.2 => 2.3.0

Gerd Hoerst gh at capricorn.tower.de
Tue Sep 26 22:08:06 UTC 2000

Hello !

J=FCrgen Sauer schrieb:
> > After an upgrade of INN the following thing are not working correctly=
> > Rnews fails (exit code 1) after i got my news from my uplink.
> > and mailpost does not work (inews failed and then can't create > > sp=
> > permission denied) the rights are ok (afaik) but i have no idea where=
> > start....
> Had the same prob a few days before ...
> 1. setup incoming.conf correctly, that the rnews host (IP) is acceppted=
 > as
>         FEEDER not as READER. (Important, because rnews may fail)
OK i inserted all hostnames (also the FQDN) and the IP of eth0 and now
i'm one step far :-) execution does not longer fail but the batches are
now in /var/spool/news/in.coming (unpacked)
with following err message:
Sep 26 23:52:08 capricorn innd: SERVER throttle no matching entry in
storage.conf storing article -- throttling
Sep 26 23:52:08 capricorn innd: SERVER cant store article: no matching
entry in storage.conf
I don't want to use that.. i need a traditional spool for my fidogate
ftn <=3D> internet gate.=20

And also the problem with mailpost already exists...

>  2. Have a look into the failed batched Data (e.g. named as D.*)
>    If you read #! cunbatch, then determine, which compression the
>    feed uses. If it is compress it's alright, if it's gzip,
>    cou can link gzip to the (old) compress. (also the uncompress/unzip)
>    You can edit the D. file and delete the 1st line, after saving the >=
>    you can test that with "file D.*", the you will see, which compressi=
>    is used.
The compression is already gzip (gunbatch is in the header)

Ciao Gerd

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