Upgrade 2.2.2 => 2.3.0

Gerd Hoerst gh at capricorn.tower.de
Thu Sep 28 20:05:54 UTC 2000

Hello !

On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Katsuhiro Kondou wrote:

> } I don't want to use that.. i need a traditional spool for my fidogate
> } ftn internet gate.
> 2.3 and later storing articles is done based on storage.conf
> even if you run only tradspool.
Argh, just seen and changed.  But i have 2 other important problems (i
won't talk about the smaller ones :-)
1st i need a replcement for that Witem in the newfeeds file.
Witems If a site is fed by  file,  channel,  or  exploder,
     n    Article's pathname relative to the spool directory or
          token of the article if storage api is turned on
My Fidogate need the path to the article in outgoing. (in 2.3.0 only the
token is available)
2nd inews failes: (called from mailpost)
inews failed: Can't get list of newsgroups, Permission denied. (Article
not posted.)

And there i need also a solution.

Ciao Gerd

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