INN problem

Christian Dickmann mailing at
Sat Sep 30 22:45:32 UTC 2000

> Ok, you get this error message because it tries to look up your
> hostname 'linux' in DNS, which fails, because there is no DNS
> entry for
> What do you get when you type the 'hostname' command on your
> linux box?  You should get whatever your hostname is, and not
> 'localhost'.  Some linuxes have their hostname set to 'localhost'
> by defualt.  First, make sure this is not the case for you.
it says: linux

> There are two ways to fix the INN error:
> 1) Add your machine 'linux' to the name server for
>    so that you can type 'nslookup linux' and get something that
>    looks like this:
>     prompt$ nslookup linux
>     Name Server:
>     Address:
>     Trying DNS
>     Non-authoritative answer:
>     Name:
>     Address:   <--whatever your IP addr is
i get the correct output!

> 2) Edit your inn.conf, and where it says 'domain:' set it to:
> domain:

but the problem is still there


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