news postings not being sent off the server

Peter Shankey shankeyp at
Tue Apr 3 18:11:23 UTC 2001

Using RedHat 6.2 and inn 2.2.2

I do not believe any messages which are posted to my news server are 
being sent to the peer. I am not trying to feed another site, but do want 
messages which are posted to the news server to be transferred off. I 
have posted a couple of test messages but have not received any 
responces. The new group is comp.os.linux.networking . My questions are:
What are the config files I need to modify to do this?
What logging do I need to look at to see if the transfer is successful.
It seems like usenet works a lot like mail. So could not I telnet on 119 
to the system which would receive the postings and just type out a 
message after going some commands? If so what are the commands?


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