about perl-nocem and innshellvars

Olaf Titz olaf at bigred.inka.de
Sat Apr 7 09:38:47 UTC 2001

Just tried the script recently posted here, and it seems to work
(after appropriately removing the XXX FIXME lines :-)

One thing: the read_ctlfile routine doesn't warn about syntax errors
other than with a cryptic perl warning. If this were my program I
would also have added a routine to reload this file whenever it
changes, to avoid having to flush the feed (perhaps I'll post a patch
in the next few days).

Just one problem, which has impact on other scripts too: as nice and
correct it would be to run this under perl -T, it breaks because of
the way how innshellvars.pl works:
eval `/usr/news/bin/innconfval -p`;
I see no way to get this through the -T filter; even though we know
that innconfval is trusted, perl can't.

The best and least ugly solution would be IMHO to rewrite
innshellvars.pl to contain its own inn.conf parser. Shouldn't take
more than a few lines anyway. I'm not certain how this can best be
done in the face of -T, -w and use strict, though.


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