Artsize still not quite right in CURRENT

bill davidsen davidsen at
Thu Apr 12 17:54:51 UTC 2001

The article size woes in logartsize output and overview are not quite
gone... In verifying that the 20010411 version had really fixed the
problem, I found that on Linux with largefile support, it hasn't, quite.
I wrote a small script to grab the output of innd in the 'news' log,
extract the message-id and size, get the token, and pass the token to sm
and count the returned bytes.

In about 40 (of 100) articles tested, the data returned by sm was one
byte larger than that logged. I found no rhyme or reason for this, and
it isn't quickly breaking anything, I just wonder if articles being fed
are getting one byte longer as they go by. I think it's the reported
count which is off-by-one, the article text looks correct.

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