I spoke too soon

Emily Hall-Girard ehallgirard at advisortech.com
Thu Apr 12 20:10:59 UTC 2001

O.K. so here's the weird thing: It has spontaneously started working. I
don't get it.

Emily Hall-Girard
AT Corp.

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>Test Post's newsgroups header field will read:
>And will appear in all of those newsgroups on the upstream server, but when
>it is fed to the downstream server Test Post will only appear in local.big.
>I was expecting it to appear in local.little and local.justright as well.

You know that some news readers are smart enough to handle cross posted
articles, so that if an article is posted to a, b and c, one if you've
read the article in any one of a, b OR c, you won't see it again in the
other groups.

If you're using trn, for example, you may want to make all articles unread
(either U or u, I never remember which -- if you unsubscribe instead of mark
unread, you know you got the wrong one), and check again.


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