Negative article size in overview (inn 2.4)

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Thu Apr 12 18:08:01 UTC 2001

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| | Bill reported this some days ago, and just fixed.
|   I haven't looked at the code, but from an email, I read that as
| "really fixed" and not the band-aid I put on it to get it working. I'm
| going to pull and try the code this afternoon, since I have another hack
| to try for performance and would like to run as few patches as possible
| to avoid confusing the issue.

  I forgot this thread was here and started a new one, and since I
posted that I've noted that the problem is generic, the "sometimes off
by one" data happend in Linux 2.4 with largefile, and also without
largefile in 2.2.18 and 2.1.131patched, and on AIX.

  I will convert my shell-based hack to a nice perl program and post it,
so others can see if it's biting them.

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