innd/BerkeleyDB bug (?)

Heath Kehoe heath.kehoe at
Fri Apr 20 15:39:31 UTC 2001

>running INN 2.3.2 (20010316 prerelease) with BerkeleyDB
>every ~5 days or so I get this error message and innd stops working...
>Apr 20 08:30:21 vallen nnrpd[76927]: OVDB: OVDBenv->open: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery
>Apr 20 08:30:26 vallen innd: SERVER throttle Interrupted system call writing creating overview file -- throttling
>Apr 20 08:35:22 vallen ovdb_recover[77137]: OVDB: OVDBenv->open: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery
>and in my overview/ directly one of the log.* files for BerkeleyDB appears
>to be having permission root.root instead of, as it should be,
>which is most likely have caused this havoc.
>After fixing permissions, stop/start, innd is up & running again.
>I know something is buggy, any ideas on what it might be ? Thanks,

My guess is you're running a command as root that accesses the BerkeleyDB
database.  An example would be 'inndf -n'.  Most of the time, you can
run 'inndf -n' as root and not have a problem; but if you happen to run
it when it's time for a log file to rotate, it's possible that the inndf
(running as root) is what creates the log file.

Make sure that anything that touches the BerkeleyDB database runs as
the news user and not root.  This includes the db_* commands that come
with BerkeleyDB (such as db_stat).

The version of ovdb in INN 2.4 has a check that makes sure the user
is news before opening the database.  I think I'll back-port that check
into STABLE.


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