Tool to walk overviews which INN is live, removing broken entries?

Tue Apr 24 21:28:54 UTC 2001

Is there a tool to walk the spool/overview databases (while INN 
is live/unthrottled), checking for and removing broken entries/defective 

Currently I'm using CNFS with buffindexed overviews, and I've got 
overview files which are causing SIGSEGV's for various newsreaders 
(such as trn and tin), e.g.:

End of newsgroup
Cleaning up scoring...Done.

Entering comp.soft-sys.wxwindows:
Getting overview file.
Caught a SIGSEGV--.newsrc restored
Abort (core dumped)

Obviously makehistory -b -O has the ability to clean up this sort
of situation, but I really don't want to have to zero all overviews
(as makehistory instructs me to do before running makehistory -O), and 
I really don't want to be down while rebuilding all the overviews for 
a large spool.

Conceptually, I guess, what I'm looking for is a tool that will sequentially
open every article in the history file, retrieving the article (with sm -R
or whatever), checking the article header for sanity, and doing an sm -d on 
any article that appears to have issues. 

Even cooler would be a tool that ONLY looked at tokens associated with articles
from a particular newsgroup, so that if you get a report that
is SIGSEGV'ing, you can just check/cleanup that group.

Anyone have something like this already available? 



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