Tool to walk overviews which INN is live, removing broken entries?

Dickon Hood dickon.hood at
Tue Apr 24 22:17:13 UTC 2001

On Tue, Apr 24, 2001 at 14:28:54 -0700, Joe St Sauver wrote:


: Conceptually, I guess, what I'm looking for is a tool that will sequentially
: open every article in the history file, retrieving the article (with sm -R
: or whatever), checking the article header for sanity, and doing an sm -d on 
: any article that appears to have issues. 

: Even cooler would be a tool that ONLY looked at tokens associated with articles
: from a particular newsgroup, so that if you get a report that
: is SIGSEGV'ing, you can just check/cleanup that group.

: Anyone have something like this already available? 

As a sort of corollary to this, does anyone have anything to take the
current newsspool (ie, article files in a tradspool (which is what I'm
after) or somesuch) and fix the overview / history / active files?  I
needed to replace some articles which had been 'accidentally' (ie, the
fools failed to tell me what expire time they wanted) expired with the
same Message-IDs / article numbers as before.  I copied them back to the
correct place, but amazingly enough the files above are out of date and
not seeing them.

Anyone any ideas / quick (long?) hacks?  I'd rather not take the server
offline and rebuild the various databases if possible - it'd create too
much downtime for negligable gain.


(If this is a *really* stupid thing to ask, feel free to tell me so - I've
been trying to tell the person who wants them reinstated 'no, it isn't
possible', but she doesn't seem to take that as an answer...).

Dickon Hood

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