Tool to walk overviews which INN is live, removing broken entries?

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Apr 25 14:43:41 UTC 2001

Dickon Hood <dickon.hood at> writes:

> As a sort of corollary to this, does anyone have anything to take the
> current newsspool (ie, article files in a tradspool (which is what I'm
> after) or somesuch) and fix the overview / history / active files?

This has been on my list to write for eons and is the only reason why I'm
not running INN 2.4 in production yet (I don't trust its ability to
recover from crashes).  Unfortunately, I'm having real trouble finding
time to work on it right now.  (Among other things, we're in the process
of finally turning off all clear-text access to our POP servers at work
and working on rolling out Kerberos v5 in production, so things are a mite

> Anyone any ideas / quick (long?) hacks?  I'd rather not take the server
> offline and rebuild the various databases if possible - it'd create too
> much downtime for negligable gain.

> Thanks...

It would actually be reasonably easy to write some incredibly useful tools
provided you're using tradspool and tradindexed (I haven't looked at the
other overview methods in nearly as much depth).  The three that I want
are rebuilding the .DAT file from the articles in a directory, rebuilding
.IDX from .DAT, and rebuilding group.index from all the .DAT files.  I've
looked at all three, and none of them are hard, but they all require a
decent bit of C coding.

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