News.daily report

Ron Jarrell jarrell at
Fri Aug 3 21:13:15 UTC 2001

At 01:08 AM 8/3/01 -0700, Edwin Yau wrote:

>Can someone explain what certain parts of my news.daily report from INN mean?  I've got innfeed logging working now, and most of it is self explainatory.  But,....
>NNRP readership statistics:
>System                                   Conn   Arts Groups Post  Rej   Elapsed
>Is that Connections made, Articles Read, Groups Accessed, Articles Posted & Rejected, Elapsed time in hh:mm:ss???


>What's "Curious NNRP server explorers" and "NNRP gethostbyaddr failures" & "NNRP client timeouts"?

Curious explorers are machines that connected, but then didn't do anything.
gethostbyaddr failures are machines that connected, and we tried to do a 
gethostbyaddr on them, and, well, it failed.  Client timeouts are NNRP clients
that were sitting there for too long doing nothing, and, as it says, timed out...

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