buffindexed: no space left for buffer

Kazunori HASEGAWA hase-sp at netlaputa.ne.jp
Mon Aug 6 05:25:56 UTC 2001

hello, again.

In article <20010805.235216.846934694.kondou at isc.org>
Katsuhiro Kondou wrote;

> } Here's the result of 'inndf -o';
> } 99 % overview space used
> I don't think mere 10GB cycbuffs eat 3GB buffers for buffindexed.
> It may happen you don't get binaries, though.

The server receives all articles except 'alt.binaries.*'.
Maybe other groups such as somewhere.binaries.. need the disk space.

> } I think the buffer is full and I need to create new one.
> } but I don't know what to do first. Could you help me?
> Just create new buffers, append them into buffindexed.conf
> and restart innd.  That should work.

I've just created new buffers and it seems to work fine.
Thank you for your advice.


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