first bunch of patches with mkstemp()

greg andruk gja at
Tue Aug 7 04:54:42 UTC 2001

in inn-patches, Russ Allbery wrote:

> So what I'd like to see is for us to provide an implementation of mkstemp
> in terms of mktemp for those systems that don't have it, add mkstemp to
> AC_REPLACE_FUNCS in, and then convert INN to just use mkstemp
> everywhere.

What to do with the places in INN where mkstemp() is not a useful
alternative? Two icky spots are the trick of rename()ing a dotfile to make
it (in)visible to rnews [e.g. nrpd/post.c spooling] and the temp
fifos/sockets used in lib/inndcomm.c/ICCopen().  These can have problems of
their own (one of which mkstemp itself has), but not really the problem
mkstemp is trying to solve.

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