How long for overview rebuild?

Ron Jarrell jarrell at
Tue Aug 14 09:27:29 UTC 2001

At 09:50 AM 8/14/01 +0100, you wrote:

>Hi inn-workers,
>Can someone say what the average time to do do an overview rebuild is?
>12836 p1  S<+    26:23.75 makehistory -O -x -F
>I started the above command at 3am Sunday morning, and it's still running
>2 days 6 hours later... this seems too long! Though it's certainly
>producing the overview data as I can see it building up on disk.

Well, last time I had to rebuild, I wiped out all but about 60G of cnfs buffers;
all the binaries and misc groups got blown away, so I was down to about
1.2 million articles.  Still took over 6 hours to regenerate my ovdb database.
Based on that ratio, 70 hours or so for you wouldn't be a surprise.  INN is
just plain not good at disaster recovery, unless you're in a position to blow
away your entire spool, shrug, and walk away.

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