Problems with cnfs-spool after system-crash

Felix Schueller inn.workers-post at
Tue Aug 14 16:21:59 UTC 2001

[I have posted this to and got no answer. Maybe
someone on this list can help me]


on my old system iI had an Inn 2.3.[01] on a linux 2.2.18 kernel with
glibc 2.0.7. But after every systemcrash (if someone had switched the
power of or so) I had problems with the CNFS-buffers. All postings witch
came in between the last shutdown of inn and the crash were absent.

So I looked into cnfs.c to find a solution for my problem. And in cnfs.c
I found the variable "MMAP_NEEDS_MSYNC". 'man 2 msync' says:

|msync flushes changes made to the in-core copy of a file that was
|mapped into memory using mmap(2) back to disk. Without use of this call
|there is no guarantee that changes are written back before munmap(2) is

But the configure script of inn says that msync is not needed and sets
'#undef MMAP_NEEDS_MSYNC' in config.h. I think that can be the failure.
So I put '#define MMAP_NEEDS_MSYNC 1' manually in config.h to test it.

But unfortunately (or fortunately) I had no crashs during the last
months. And meanwhile I updated my system and now its a linux 2.4.3 with
glibc 2.2.2 and Inn 2.3.2.

And now on a sunday a thunderstorm caused a short powerbreak witch
crashed my computer. And after rebooting the system all postings were in
the cnfs-buffers even postings I've written just minutes before. Only a
run of makehistory was necessary. Now unfortunately I don't know exactly
why the problem occurs befor and not now. I think its the Problem with
msync but due to my systemchange I'm not sure. And I have no possibility
to check this.

Can anyone confirm or disprove this?

TIA & Cu
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