control, control.cancel, ...............

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Aug 16 18:44:56 UTC 2001

madog <madog at> writes:

> control
> control.cancel
> control.checkgroups
> control.newgroup
> control.rmgroup
> junk

> can i remove these groups ?

It's not recommended.  Technically you can remove all those except control
and junk, but controlchan will stop working right.

> if i can't, is there any way to hide them form the group list ?

Yes, don't give readers permissions to read them.  You can generally do
that by changing the group wildmat that you're granting access to to be:


instead of just "*".

Incidentally, please don't send me private e-mail asking me INN questions
just because it's been a day since you asked and you haven't received an
answer.  Most people who can answer questions are very busy and asking off
of mailing lists or newsgroups and expecting an answer on that short of a
time frame won't help all that much in getting you a response.

I don't know why ctlinnd cancel id isn't working for you; are you quoting
the message ID to protect it from the shell?  That's necessary since
message IDs contain angle brackets and frequently dollar signs.

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