control, control.cancel, ...............

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Thu Aug 16 19:02:18 UTC 2001

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| I don't know why ctlinnd cancel id isn't working for you; are you quoting
| the message ID to protect it from the shell?  That's necessary since
| message IDs contain angle brackets and frequently dollar signs.

thanks first, and yes, i did the quoting
some one has told me that and i tried, but i still can't delete the post

this is what i get from the post i want to delete:
Message-ID: <9lg9vc$34b$1 at>

what i did is :

[root at madogcc /root]# su - news
sh-2.04$ ctlinnd cancel "9lg9vc$34b$1 at"

but it's not deleted !  it drives me crazy !!! .........

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