madog madog at
Fri Aug 17 20:43:42 UTC 2001

OUTGOING=${SPOOLDIR}/out.going/${SITE}  # location of the list of articles
to upload
OUTGOINGNEW=${OUTGOING}.new             # file to contain the list
OUTGOINGFAIL=${OUTGOINGNEW}.fail        # file with failed xfers
SCRIPT=${BASEDIR}/              # my filter for rpost
OUTFILE=/tmp/tmp$$                      # used by rpost as article after it
is filtered
LOCKFILE=${BASEDIR}/getnews.lock        # lock file to prevent multiple
instances of script
NEWSGROUP=news                          # which group owns the file in
out.going, typically either news or uucp

above are from a script "" which is installed by suck

my question is "list of articles to upload", where does this list come from
shall inn build this list so that SUCK can use it to do the rpost job ?
or SUCK itself will build it during the rpost job ?

i thinks the reason that i can't upload posts from my local server to remote
is RIGHT HERE, i DON'T have this list !

any idea ?

thanks in advance

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