Way to tell configure to only configure specific storage/overview methods?

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Sat Aug 18 20:56:30 UTC 2001

Joe St Sauver <JOE at oregon.uoregon.edu> writes:

> It would be convenient if one could specify that one only wanted
> selected article storage or overview methods configured into a given INN
> build. That is, options like:

> --enable-timehash[=no]
> --enable-cnfs[=no]
> --enable-trash[=no]
> --enable-tradspool[=no]
> --enable-timecaf[=no]

> --enable-buffindexed[=no]
> --enable-ovdb[=no]
> --enable-tradindexed[=no]

> Or is there a convenient way to limit article storage and overview
> method selection outside of configure?

I see that Greg already pointed out (long ago) that you can just delete
the *.config files in the directories you don't want, but wouldn't you
also get all the benefits of doing the above by just building INN with
shared libraries?  The portions of the library that are never called will
never get paged in.

Eventually, way way down the road, it would be cool to go all the way to
making storage, overview, and history backends dynamically loadable
modules, but right now the portability hassles of doing that probably make
it not really worth it.

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