Newbie question re: authenticating users

Jeffrey Davis jeff at
Mon Aug 20 02:31:32 UTC 2001

I have successfully installed INN on my Linux RedHat 7.1 server and have
been able to connect to the news server remotely and post a test message.

My next task is to restrict access based on local user accounts (this news
server will only be used as an internal collaboration tool for our small

I understand that I need to edit the readers.conf file... Here is what I
have so far:

access "All" {
    users: "*"
    newsgroups: "*"

auth "Users" {
    hosts: "*"
    default: "*"


I realize that this is a COMPLETELY open system... But I want to allow our
users to connect from any host and therefore secure access using their Unix
username and passwords.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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