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Fri Aug 24 01:29:04 UTC 2001

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} managing disk space. I've dropped my expire from two weeks to one and still
} I
} keep filling the disk. Any ideas why? I'm using the same subscription list.
} And another thing - the server throttles because of no space even though
} there still appears to be enough (i-nodes & blocks).
} Aug 23 13:18:54 stingray innd: SERVER throttle No space left on device
} writing history file -- throttling

This shows the problem happens on partition
where pathdb lives.

} $ df -g /usr/local/news

So this should be 'df $pathdb'.  In any case, you need to
decrease the number at /remember/ in expire.ctl.

} spool? Is it possible or must I wait for expire to delete them? My thought
} was to bring down inn - remove microsoft.* from active file - rm -r
} microsoft from spool - restart inn. Is this safe?

Assuming those are stored into tradspool, it works.  And
you need not to restart innd.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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