Problems with overview or expire configuration

Nicolas STRANSKY Nicolas.Stransky at
Mon Dec 3 12:46:04 UTC 2001

As the new articles were appearing normaly after the crash, i didn't try
your solution immediately. But I have copied all my inn configuration &
spool to another server and I tried your solution to see if old articles
were appearing again.

When running makehistory -a -O -b -e, I had a couple of these messages in
news.err :
Dec  3 12:44:35 zamok makehistory[25043]: tradindexed: repacking group
crans.general, offset 3519
Dec  3 12:44:35 zamok makehistory[25043]: tradindexed: packgroup cant write
to /var/spool/news/overview/c/g/crans.general-NEW.IDX: No such file or

and I had these messages on stdout :
makehistory: Can't write overview data
But when I run makehistory -a -O -b -e again, all these disappeared and the
operation completed successfully.

Then, when runnning
"/usr/lib/news/bin/news.daily delayrm noexpireover nomail lowmark" as news
user, all the messages appear as they should in the newsreader.
But then, i ran as you said
"/usr/lib/news/bin/news.daily delayrm nomail lowmark" and there
are no more messages accessible with my newsreader and the overview files
are empty (0 byte).
So the overall result is that my newsgroups are empty, but the articles are
still in the spool...

Have you got any more ideas of what's wrong ?

Thanks again for your help


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Sent: Friday, November 16, 2001 9:39 PM
Subject: Re: Problems with overview or expire configuration

> Ah, fun with obdb and expireover! I just went though similar problems
> an inn 2.2.x -> inn 2.3.2 upgrade.
> Before running any of this make sure your storage.conf is setup correctly
> and your do this as the news user. If not makehistory may fail or worse
> muck with permissions. I don't know if all this is right but it worked for
> First I throtled the server and killed existing history* files. Next
> an empty history file (touch history) and run makedbz -i. Move history.n.*
> to history.* and then run makehistory -a -O -b -e to rebuild history and
> obdb stuff.
> Next I ran news daily as:
>   su - news -c "/usr/bin/news.daily delayrm noexpireover"
> I repated this until I got a clean expire run for the artical spool.
> Aparently I had several duplicate entries in the history file which were
> messing up the ovdb during the expireover run. Check the email news.daily
> creates to make sure you get a good expire run.
> Once I did I ran news.daily again without the noexpireover option and
> everything worked as it should.
> Again, this worked for me. I also admit to being an egg when it comes to
> nntp admin work so take all this with a grain of salt.
> -- Scott
> On Fri, Nov 16, 2001 at 02:53:57PM +0100, Nicolas STRANSKY wrote:
> >
> > I'm using inn v2.3.2 on Debian woody.
> > Following a server crash, the overview was thought to be corrupted or
> > incomplete, even though I'm using ReiserFS, so I managed to rebuild it.
> > messages are still in the spool.
> >
> > news:~$ /usr/lib/news/bin/makehistory -O -F
> >
> > I also fixed the values in the active file.
> >
> > All messages present in the spool were then available and marked as
> > in the newsreaders, so I had to launch this command:
> >
> > news:~$ /usr/lib/news/bin/news.daily expireover lowmark delayrm nostat
> > nomail
> >
> > But then I had the following problem: a lot messages have disappeared
> > the overview, which is quite strange because the news.daily command is
> > launched every night, it has never had this effect before the crash, and
> > haven't changed the expire.ctl configuration. The overview of really
> > newsgroups is even completely empty, and many messages of other
> > are missing when I try to read them with any newsreader.
> >
> > Here is my expire.ctl configuration:
> >
> > /remember/:14
> > *:A:1:10:never
> > crans.*:A:55:90:never
> >
> > can you help me fix this expire or overview problem ?

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