innwatch error messages

Nicolas STRANSKY Nicolas.Stransky at
Sun Dec 9 15:44:51 UTC 2001

I'm getting some error messages on stderr when restarting inn2, but it
doesn't seem to prevent it from working well. I don't know where they come
from because nothing has changed in my innwatch configuration since ages.
I'm using inn 2.3.2 on Debian Woody.

/usr/lib/news/bin/innwatch: [: 4294967295: integer expression expected
/usr/lib/news/bin/innwatch: [: 4294967295: integer expression expected

Here is the specific section of my inn.conf :

doinnwatch:             true
innwatchbatchspace:     800
innwatchlibspace:       25000
innwatchloload:         1000
innwatchhiload:         2000
innwatchpauseload:      1500
innwatchsleeptime:      600
innwatchspoolnodes:     200
innwatchspoolspace:     8000

Any ideas what's wrong ?


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