newsgroup names changes

tom tblader at
Thu Dec 13 19:54:38 UTC 2001

> So yes, then.  Easy:
> perl -i -pe 's/defr_wb4321den687491/molds.denso.4062p/g' *
> will change the name in the entire text of all of the articles in the
> current directory.  If you want to be sure to only change it in the
> Newsgroups: and Xref: headers that's not hard, but I won't bother unless
> you need it.  If you run
> perl -ibak -pe 's/defr_wb4321den687491/molds.denso.4062p/g' *
> instead it will save the original articles as *.bak so you can be sure
> you're happy with the results (and then delete the .bak files).
> Then rebuild overview.

Thank you for the help, and code snippet Jeffrey.

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